_Born 1968 in Salzburg, Austria
_Lives und works in Vienna

2+2 mobile eyes, 2000
Digital video (color, sound), approx. 20'
Courtesy of the artist


The city is a space in which history is made. "The city of history or memory concentrates and mixes big history with individual stories." 1 That is to say, historical memory, manifested by the accumulation of monuments is overlapped with that of the individual or the subject moving in the urban space, experiencing and staging his/her own history. What can urban experience be like? In what sites and non-sites (taken from Marc Augé) of urban space – based on Vienna – do, for instance, two women about thirty move? What does their movement in the city look like and in what social contexts are they moored?

One of them, a 2nd generation migrant living on the periphery, a site presently undergoing urban development (e.g., the district emerging on the Danube with high-rises, exclusive apartment complexes, company headquarters), but at the same time a place used by the locals and by tourists alike as a recreation area. Here there is also a concentration of so-called non-sites of consumption and traffic, supermarkets, airports, highway feeder roads, aggressive advertising, filling stations (..) The other one lives in the center of the urban structure. She mainly frequents places that could be called sites. 2 Spaces that with their fictive and fantastic dimension are also used by the denizens of the suburbs in their free time. (..)


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