_Born 1964 in Graz, Austria
_Lives in Vienna

An evening out - Just a wedding party!, 1993
Video (b/w, sound), 180'
Courtesy of the artist
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In 1993 Ulrike Tschabitzer and Erwin K. Bauer organized a series of events at the Vienna Varieté Club Maxim with the title "Starstop". Visual artists, musicians, DJ’s and other creative persons were asked to put together a Sunday evening show at the Maxim. The club was furnished with a moveable stage, red plush sofas and various interesting separées.

On November 7, the moment had come for me and my friends – it was our evening. I collected wedding pictures of the parents of friends, about 70 of them, had them framed and distributed them among the separées. I wanted to give the rooms an air of privacy and pleasant intimacy.

There was a particularly nice room at the Maxim, the wedding separée, after which I had also named the evening. "An evening out – Just a wedding party!" This location was perfectly suited for Liebenau, a band from Graz and for Michael Kramer to make music "backstage". With reversed roles we sang "Bonnie & Clyde". It was also Michael who had played me a record of Anita O’Day several weeks before this performance. I was so enthusiastic that I suggested to my musician friends that they rehearse some of these songs in order to present them for the first time at the Maxim. Curd Duca, Orhan Kipcak and Helmut Kaplan were my "band" for this evening. The people liked it and it was also great fun for us. (..)

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