_Born 1966 in Indonesia, grew up in Australia
_Lives and works in The Netherlands

Facing Forward, 1998/99
35 mm film transferred to Betacam SP (b/w, sound), 11'
Courtesy of the artist and
Gallery Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam

Thin Cities, 2000
Video / 5 projections (color, no sound), loop
Courtesy of the artist and
Gallery Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam


Facing Forward
The images in Facing Forward stem entirely from early silent archival film footage categorized as colonial documentary footage shot in foreign and exotic countries for a Western audience. I have selected one particular sort of scene from a myriad of films. I call these scenes photographic moments. Quite simply, they consist of the countless times that as if for a photograph people pose in front of the film camera. I find these moments poignant and endearing:
a filmed photograph stretches time and in those often uncomfortable moments a lot happens: The viewer can see the embarrassment, the bewilderment and anger or the curiosity and shyness due to the confrontation with the camera. A viewer also has time to reflect upon all these anonymous people arranged before him. It also highlights the transition between two media: photography and film. They are particularly revealing moments. Moments of meeting, not just a meeting of individuals but of cultures, ideas and times. Moments, which I think are important to review now.


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