_Born 1963 in Grand Island, New York
_Lives and works in New York

Oedipus Rex: The Drowned Man, 1997
Video (color, no sound), 5'
Courtesy of the artist
David Zwirner Gallery, New York

Icarus and the World Trade Center, 1998

Video (color, no sound), 5'
Courtesy of the artist and
David Zwirner Gallery, New York


The Dark Continent
August 30, 1999

Dear Freud,

Something detached rolled forward with a knife and cut out my voice box. Letting the blood drip I forced myself to understand that I would take my body apart for you; flutter in a white dressing gown, sick inside my stomach.

Here you may have one heart. Smile. Look down into the microscope placed upon the eye. Watch the little girl walk east away from the wish giving body dilating sun smack into a medical student. He steps back offering: "dreams of waves are symbols for sex." Shifting my weight over the bar stool I consider my drink and glance at his lookalike Orson Wells friend.

I think that wishes sleep with dreams and hide inside our organs. They ferment in the furnace seeping with sweat on imageless nights.

With precision I plan to sever the 1/4 unborn that still belongs to you and I wonder if you think this is a good idea. To cut out the nervous twitching dreaming sadness that returns like the sun and moon under my eyelids, spinning in shallow space around my head.

Return the twinning orbs back but no I threw up so my friend took a shovel and planted my head in the sand. He thought of doing the same but changed his mind. I pressed my feet to the sky and saw as he walked away some other wish printed on the back of his tee shirt.

A lawn mower drives by as blood clots dot the landscape. The pool man lifts his hose from the water and when God died the symbols for life felt left out. They had to be asked back in and how were we to know it would be another bearded man: disheveled and in sensed---

From another planet my father touched my head. Oedipus is dead. In this dark space the end stops with me. He doesn’t care what you say. I’ll lie here with you dear Dracula. Demand sadness from every living soul. Watch the rainbow speak to the core of the earth in favor of the living as signs of life start and stop near me.

Yours truly,


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