_Born 1970 in Knittelfeld, Austria
_Lives and works in Vienna

Die Rote Zora, 2000
Digital Video (color, sound), 28'
Courtesy of the artist


The reason why the Rote Zora women decided to offer militant resistance against the system was that the assessment of the political situation at the time was that the power structures were legal and repression only became visible through resistance. Since we were feminists and could no longer tolerate the social ignorance of these social conditions and no longer wanted to put up with this ignorance.
Or June 19, 1998 I could quote this much better from the sentence the Higher Regional Court in Stuttgart made against me. On 6.19.1998 I received a suspended sentence of one and a half years in prison belonging to a terrorist group. The sentence read:
"The Rote Zora sees itself as a social revolutionary, feminist liberation movement. By means of radical militant resistance it wanted to do away with all repression, be it directed at women or of a general nature. It did not see the use of force against women as an exception but as a universal principle of domination. It thus linked the struggle against the patriarchy and against sexist violence with the struggle against social power relations and against the social system in the Republic of Germany. It was not interested in obtaining power but in limiting power and ultimately bringing about a society without domination."

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