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Under the Skin Game, 1996
Video (b/w, sound), 17'30''
Courtesy of the artist

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In my video work I am interested in exploring the intersection of media, politics and every day life. I collect, rearrange, reconstruct and re-present combinations of found footage, sampled sounds, text and shot material to critique the electronic mediation of daily life. Fragmentation, appropriation and digital manipulation are used as strategies of resistance and as ways to subvert the power of images and ideologies portrayed by dominant media culture. In these experimental tapes, I have been interested in investigating such issues as family, racism, cultural identity and reproductive technologies.

Under the Skin Game is an experimental documentary about the contraceptive implant Norplant and how it is used as an instrument of social control. It explores Norplant as a legislative "tool" to be used against the poor and against those who have been historically victimized on the basis of gender, race, and class. Currently I am working on a tape called In the Blood (working title), which is about American Jewish attitudes towards Germans.


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