_Born 1967 in Vienna
_Lives in Vienna

Short Hills Revisited, 2000
Video (color, sound), 17'
Courtesy of the artist

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Would you like for me to tell you about it or would you like to see it?
_Tell me.
Are you sure?
OK, Jack and Joey are together. Jack writes this poem from which it becomes clear that he’s gay and a few episodes later he even admits this and – hmm, let’s see what else happens … Yeah, and his family begins to break apart, they already had trouble beforehand and his father can’t accept that he’s gay and Andie begins to crack up. She was already on depression medication before that and dyes her hair dark brown and really becomes depressive.
_And what happens to Joey and Jack?
They split up but remain good friends. And a few episodes later, Joey realizes that he is actually in
love with Dawson, so they get back together again. And Jen, oh yes, did you get that story about Abby?
_Jen still went out with that Catholic guy?
Yes, but they soon split up, since he doesn’t at all fit together with her. I can’t remember anymore now, I think she still goes out with someone else, but I don’t know anymore than that. – Only then, much later, I don’t know how many episodes later, she and Abby become friends again and towards the end, I think they’re at a party and drunk and Abby falls into the water, drowns and dies.
Yes, she dies! And Andie has to give a speech at her grave, I think this is the moment she cracks up, since she begins seeing people who have long been dead. And towards the end of that part of the series, Dawson and Joey are back together again. Jack is a good friend, Jen is thrown out of the house by her grandmother, because – hmm, well why did I forget that … and Jen moves back in with Jack.
_With Jack? (..)

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