_Born 1968 in Davenport, Iowa
_Lives in New York

Involuntary Reception, 2000
Digital video / twin DVD (color, stereo sound)
Courtesy of the artist


Involuntary Reception is a two-channel video projection about a young woman whose body and mind are inhabited by unusually large levels of electromagnetivity.

The two-channel aspect of this video echoes her paradoxical relationship to technology. On the one hand her mutation has exiled her from popular electronic culture, on the other hand it has enabled her to self-broadcast without the aid of hardware. How does this position her in the eyes of society at large? She is a spectacle, to some a victim, to others a superhero, civilization’s least known potential-enemy, a spiritual leader, and an overgrown teenager adapting to the precipitation of technological standards.

My character’s story is complex. She is not sure which team she is siding with. She is tired of making these decisions: left click or right click, heads or tails, zeros or ones. She is hungry but she is allergic to everything. She gets her power out of falling, crashing. "Still going strong ... Nothing beats the Copper Top!"

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