_Born 1961 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
_Lives and works in Amsterdam and Strasbourg, France

A Sunny Summer Sunday Afternoon In Paris - the film, 2000
Interactive data-projection (b/w, no sound)
Courtesy of the artist


The work A Sunny Summer Sunday Afternoon in Paris – the film shown in <hers> is part of an ongoing project that I have been working on since 1997. The basis of this project forms a series of photographs that I took in a time span of about 7 minutes on an August Sunday afternoon (1997) in the Parc de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement in Paris. Since then I have been experimenting with very different media and different representational forms to re/construct a panorama like park-scene from the separate images. In every presented form of the work I have also been experimenting with the position and the perspective of both the spectator and the audience. (..)
A Sunny Summer Sunday Afternoon in Paris – the film is the most recent form of the "Photoshopped" panorama and is shown for the first time in the exhibition <hers>. The panorama is projected life-size in black/white by a data projector. By means of a simple navigation instrument the spectator can "scroll" through the panoramic scene. In this projected scroll-version one can also "penetrate" the image by zooming in on any given spot. The entire scene is, however, never completely visible. As with Japanese landscape scrolls, the spectator has to roll in the same length as s/he is rolling out. The computer programme function of scrolling probably even has its origines in this way of seeing.

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