_Born 1972
_Lives in Vienna

balance, 2000
Digital video (color, sound), approx. 45'
Courtesy of the artist


Ruth Kaaserer in a conversation with Moira Zoitl

M_ the video project Balance shows pictures of girls in public space. The central figures are three friends who converse with each other at different places in Vienna. How did this project come about?
R_ I asked friends of my own age to tell me about their recollections of their youth. In the process, certain themes crystallized – things Magda, Ewa and Andrea spoke about on video. Themes such as friendship, being a woman, security, future, music, etc. that for me are still relevant today just as they were back then. I selected the shooting sites in public space after speaking with the girls. Through our conversations they took on symbolic quality, as e.g., the globe in front of which Ewa yells "the world belongs to us". My interest in this project was to focus exclusively on the girls and to give them space to move in with the video. (..)


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