_Born 1961 in Herford, Great Britain
_Lives in Berlin, Germany

Die Schwimmerin, 1997 (with Marlen Thamm) 
35 mm film transferred to DVD (color, sound), 7'45''
Courtesy of the artist
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The Inner Voice / You Are Good
, 1999 (with Buddy Big Mountain) 
Video (color, sound), 3'58''
Courtesy of the artist
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Die Innere Stimme - ARBEITEN
, 1998 (with Bodo Albertini) 
Video (color, sound), 31'
Courtesy of the artist
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The Inner Voice /
You Are Bad

Puppet_ you’re not as good as you think
Ventriloquist_ just let me feel good
P_ feel good with your many faults?
V_ I think I’m o.k.
P_ can you do anything special?
V_ well – why
P_ you’re insignificant
V_ but I feel great
P_ but I don’t think you’re great and anyway you
do practically anything wrong
V_ WHAT ? just let me feel great
P_ I futilely look for the notion of greatness in you
V_ Ah yes, to face the notion of greatness in oneself – ha-ha – considering there are 5 billion people – ha-ha
P_ but I don’t see it
V_ that’s silly
P_ you should really ask yourself what you’ve achieved in your life, what you're capable of,
how it looks
V_ why, what for?
P_ or at least you have reached a personal
standard of some kind of greatness
V_ ha-ha
P_ just go ahead and laugh
V_ I will
P_ but that’s an important question in life
V_ I feel good about myself without answering
P_ but I don’t
V_ but others think I’m good
P_ that can change quite suddenly
V_ but it’s always been like that.


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