_Born in 1972 in Sofia, Bulgaria
_Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Back and Forth, 1999
Video / DVD (color, sound), 7'
Courtesy of the artist
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The Matrix 2
, 1999
Video (color, sound), 7'
Courtesy of the artist
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Celebrating the Next Twinkling
, 1999
Video (color, sound), 2'15''
Courtesy of the artist
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Ilina Koralova

Boryana Dragoeva belongs to that group of Bulgarian authors, born in the late sixties and during the seventies who, in contrast to their older colleagues, did not need any special mental readjustment in order to join the general flow of the modern artistic discourse whose new parameters were determined by the end of the Cold War and the “velvet revolutions” in Eastern Europe. Information (being informed) – the first mark of a free society – outpaced the economic changes and enabled the young Bulgarian artists to situate their creative work in a broader context, outside the confines of “domestic” problems.
These artists “caught” part of the totalitarian regime in Bulgaria, but in its later stage when slogans had already lost the power of ideology. In this sense, from time to time the legacy of the past serves them only as a reason for irony, not for justification. They are concerned with more or less the same problems as their peers throughout the world. The images of mass culture they grew up with are no different from those which occupy and absorb the minds of young people worldwide. They all face the question of defending their own identity in the space of an increasingly more unified value system.
Boryana Dragoeva’s work is not alien to these problems. (..)

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