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An Insignificant Moment, 1998
Video / High-8 (color, sound), each 14'30''
Courtesy of the artist

1/3 Lashonte

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2/3 Sister Humdiya
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3/3 Juanita
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The title of the installation is "An Insignificant Moment". It was shot in Houston, Texas in September of 1998. An Insignificant Moment is a narrative about three separate, seemingly unrelated lives that momentarily come together creating an alignment between them.

When I had originally conceived of how I was going to shoot this project, I thought that I would take a more traditional route in the production. I would create locations and hire actors to participate in the movie. But when offered the chance to do the project in Houston, I shifted my approach, and decided to take a more reflexive position and let the conditions of my urroundings and the people that I would come into contact with dictate the direction of the production.

I have adapted the approach of director David Mamet in relation to how the video was shot and the acting. Mamet believed that the acting should be a performance of the simplest physical action. Period. Go to the door, try the door, sit down. You do not have to walk down the hall respectfully. The goal is not to be emotional, but to be direct. This is a minimalist approach to acting and shooting a film, and seemingly the best approach in working with everyday people who are untrained in acting.

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